Ballhaus: An Unfinished Journey

Happy holidays from Eleanor Likes You!

This is a post that would have been, or that might be more complete in the future.

I’ll cut to the chase: about six years ago I decided that I wanted to photograph men putting their testicles through the windows of dollhouses. A simple idea, really, but one that is exceedingly hard to execute unless you have A. many men in your life who are willing to expose themselves and/or B. many dollhouses to have them employ in their expositions.

I have neither, and while I’m cool with looking on Craigslist for dollhouses, I am slightly more apprehensive about posting an ad asking for dudes that are good with having their nuts photographed alongside dolls.

So, I thought, why not draw them? I can draw testicles shoved through dollhouse windows ad infinitum and I don’t have to solicit men or start a creepy dollhouse collection. Win win! But, for some reason after a number of drawings, this too seemed beyond my abilities.

The problem is that I had originally planned a calendar’s worth of images. I was even going to have the things printed up and pedal them for the holidays. But after staring at image upon image of testicles and trying to link them up with just the right dollhouse, I began to tire of the project.

So, I present you with the currently unfinished Ballhaus Calendar. Maybe 2014 will be kind and allow me to stomach looking at enough nuts and dolls to finish this thing.